When redefining your bathroom space, the vanity is a cornerstone of style, comfort, and functionality. If you’re considering a bathroom renovation, you’ll want to explore these exquisite designs that exemplify the art of bathroom vanity elegance.

In your quest for a bathroom that transcends the ordinary, it’s not just about aesthetics but also the craftsmanship that makes it all possible. That’s where certified bathroom remodelers come into play. These skilled professionals are the magicians behind the transformation, ensuring every element of your bathroom vanity is a work of art.

Join us on a journey through a showcase of bathroom vanity designs that will inspire you and demonstrate the boundless creativity of certified bathroom remodelers. Get ready to be captivated by the fusion of form and function as we delve into these designs that truly leave you breathless.

13 Bathroom Vanity Ideas From Certified Bathroom Remodelers

A vanity you love is a great way to create a beautiful bathroom. Bathroom vanities come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. A vanity can be the focal point of a modern, sleek bathroom. It could also set the tone for an edgy and colorful space. There are many possibilities.

If you want to makeover your bathroom, change your sink, or renovate your entire bathroom, the following bathroom vanity ideas will inspire you.

1. Repurpose Furniture

Consider upcycling a dresser to make it into a bathroom vanity if you want to add character to your bathroom or have inherited a piece of Furniture you cannot bear to part with. Add a sink to the top and cover it with a waterproof surface for a stylish and unique piece. Dressers offer a lot of storage options.

2. Paint it Mauve

A pink vanity will add a touch of femininity to your bathroom. This gorgeous mauve vanity goes perfectly with the floral wallpaper in the bathroom, the crystal cabinet knobs, and the round ornate mirrors.

3. Dark Stained Wood

If you don’t like the look of the all-white bathroom, a vanity made from dark wood will give a space ambiance and depth. The subtle ridges of this vanity create texture and are complemented by the contrasted sage-green wallpaper and black-trimmed mirrors.

4. Keep It Classic with White

This is the option for you if you prefer a classic style. A bathroom that is all white will never be out of fashion. For an elegant look, keep it simple by using a white vanity with chrome fixtures.

5. Pastel Vanity: Keep it Light

A light blue vanity will make the room feel airy and bright. The powder blue vanity looks great with the floral wallpaper, wall sconces, and a rattan-wrapped mirror.

6. Consider Dark Gray Marble

There’s an option for those who want to avoid a white counter but find that a darker shade is a little out of their comfort zone. Gray is a good option. You can choose gray.

7. Be Fearless with Color

Powder rooms are the perfect place to make a bold statement. You can still be daring but not take too many risks. This bright green vanity is a great way to be bold. You can keep the rest of your bathroom in neutral colors to let the vanity be the focal point, or you can add complementary colors such as towels, wallpaper, and other bathroom accessories.

8. Bring on the Gold Hardware

Add gold hardware to the vanity to add a touch of elegance to a neutral bathroom. Gold faucets and cabinet pulls are stunning in light gray and white on this double vanity. A wall-mounted soap dispenser and towel holder are also antique bronze.

9. Double Up and Add a Dressing Table

Why settle for just one vanity when two are available? Couples will have plenty of space to prepare if you choose two separate vanities. And if you want to add a dressing table, that’s fine too. The dressing table will allow you to sit and get ready.

10. Keep it Minimal

Sometimes, less is more. This rustic, minimalist vanity made of reclaimed wood shows the beauty of simplicity. Add a sink on top of the stool to save space. A shelf at the bottom can store extra toiletries or towels.

11. Look for Unique Shapes

This piece has scalloped edges. Vanities are not a piece that fits everyone. They can be unique, with many details. This vanity’s soft edges would make it a great choice for a child’s bathroom or anyone who wants to add a playful element to their powder room.

12. How to Make Your Space Work

Customization is a good idea, even if your bathroom space is limited. They can be as effective as larger vanities and fit into your bathroom’s small corners, nooks, or other unique shapes.

13. Black is Bold!

Need a unique idea for a bathroom sink? Black sinks with black hardware are a great option. Black is not the color you think of when it comes time to decorate your bathroom, but paired with lighter tiles like this, vanity and sink in black will look stylish.


As we conclude our exploration of these captivating bathroom vanity designs, it’s evident that the art of bathroom vanity elegance is a symphony of creativity, functionality, and aesthetics. These stunning designs have demonstrated that your bathroom vanity can be more than just a practical fixture; it can be a statement of style and sophistication.

When transforming these inspirational ideas into a reality, engaging with reliable remodelers who can bring your vision to life is crucial. These certified professionals bridge your imagination and the realization of your dream bathroom.

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With these extraordinary designs and the support of experienced remodelers, your bathroom’s potential knows no bounds. Elevate your living space, enhance your daily routine, and indulge in the elegance of a breathtaking bathroom vanity. Reach out to Pro Kitchen & Bathroom Remodelers of Starkville LLC to take the first step towards making your bathroom dreams come true.

Get ready to enjoy a bathroom that truly leaves you breathless!

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