The heart of every home is undoubtedly the kitchen. It’s where meals are prepared, memories are made, and stories are shared. But while culinary skills and mouth-watering recipes play a significant role, the aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen’s surfaces shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Enter the world of countertops — where design meets utility. Making the right choice can be daunting with various materials and styles available. That’s where professional remodelers come into the picture. They bring expertise and a keen eye for trends and timeless classics. Dive into this guide to discover the countertop choices that elevate your kitchen to elegance and efficiency.

Professional Remodelers’ Guide to Modern Kitchen Countertops

Countertops are essential to any kitchen. When deciding which type of kitchen countertop is best for you, consider price, durability, and maintenance.

In recent years, some materials like granite have become more affordable. Other options include poured concrete, engineered stone, and other newer materials. Even laminate is better than you remember it from the 1990s.

The pros and cons of various types of kitchen counters.

1. Granite

You can easily see why polished granite countertops are the most popular choice for homeowners. Granite is an incredibly durable countertop choice. The prices are more affordable than you think, thanks to the technological advancements in the fabrication process and the increased supply of natural stones.

There are lighter and darker options, even though most stones fall into the tan family. According to its cost, granite is divided into three grades: the “builder’s” grade, the mid-grade, and the high grade. The higher grades have more distinct patterns and are thicker.



2. Quartz (Engineered Stone)

Quartz is a good choice if you want a durable material with a stylish look. This countertop material would require you to deliberately scratch, stain, or damage it in any other way. It is also non-porous and won’t hold any bacteria or viruses. The cost of these benefits is higher than that of other countertop materials.

Quartz is often mistaken for a natural stone. This “engineered” stone is crushed quartz with a resin-based filler. Quartz countertops are still often seen as an alternative to marble or granite, which are less durable and available in fewer colors.



3. Laminate

Are laminate kitchen countertops worth a second look? These countertops are known as Formica, and although they were popular before the century began, they still have many benefits.

Price is a major factor in choosing laminate countertops. It’s almost impossible to beat. Easy maintenance, style options, and bacteria resistance are also benefits.

The material is non-porous and will not stain from oil or wine spills. However, it can burn or chip. Yes, laminate is not suitable for a luxury kitchen. It is an excellent option for those on a budget or who are renovating a house, renting, or having a second kitchen.



4. Marble

Marble is a luxurious material for kitchen countertops. It’s a natural stone, and it complements many luxury kitchens. Marble countertops are available in various colors, including white, grey, and green. Bakers have appreciated the low temperature of marble for years.

Unsurprisingly, that marble will take much of your budget. Marble has other downsides, including the cost. It’s also easy to scratch and stain.

If you are a marble lover, it may be best to use a less durable material for the high-use areas of your countertop.



5. Poured Concrete

Poured concrete countertops are a unique choice for any kitchen, from the farmhouse to industrial style. Concrete is easily tinted and decorated with decorative textures. Professional installers can incorporate glass or tile for a truly unique countertop.

Don’t let the name fool you: concrete may not be as durable or cost-effective as you might think. It is possible for concrete to crack, especially if the foundation of your home is prone to settlement. Although DIY is technically possible, hiring a professional for the job is best.



6. Butcher Block

The classic material for countertops is making a huge comeback. Butcher block counters are available in many woods and finishes. They add warmth to the kitchen. Butcher block countertops are highly functional: They can be used as cutting boards if not sealed and oiled.

The butcher block is easily sanded, even though this may cause signs of wear to appear quickly. Sealing the wood with hot pads and cleaning up spills immediately will reduce the wear rate.

Butcher blocks are also a great option for DIYers, especially since big-box home improvement stores stock ready-made butcher block counters. This makes it an affordable choice.



7. Tile

Tiles are the best choice if you want to have a unique and colorful design. Tile kitchen countertops are available in various styles, from elaborate hand-painted tiles to mass-produced porcelain tile.

You can get granite or quartz tiles cheaper than full-sized slabs. You should know that tile countertops are priced differently depending on the style, quality, and size. Installation is doable with some basic knowledge.

The tile countertops are easy to maintain and have a decent lifespan. The biggest danger is cracking, so avoid dropping heavy pots and pans. Grout lines can be difficult to clean. However, choosing a darker color grout can make it easier.



8. Soapstone

This less-known natural stone has a similar style to marble and is superior in terms of durability. Soapstone is available in black or gray hues with stunning veining. It makes a striking contrast against light cabinets. The soap-like texture of soapstone makes it scratchable.

While granite is best left untouched, soapstone’s scratches can enhance the patina.

While soap and water will do for cleaning soapstone countertops, they should be oiled semi-regularly (once every few months). Large, natural slabs also come at a higher price.



9. Solid Surface Material

Solid-surface materials are a good option if you want the look of natural stone but want to avoid paying the price. These manufactured countertops are made from acrylic and resin. They can be customized to fit the layout of your home, meaning no ugly seams.

Solid-surface counters are resistant to stains and bacteria. Be careful when using hot pans. Chipping can occur, but it is easily repaired. This countertop offers a wide range of styles and is an excellent choice for those who want to balance budget and style.




In kitchen designs, countertops emerge as a defining element, adding character and functionality to the culinary space. From the elegance of granite and marble to the contemporary charm of quartz and laminate, each material brings unique benefits and considerations. Understanding these intricacies is vital, especially when planning to remodel kitchens and other core areas of a home, such as bathrooms. Speaking of which, if you’re considering bathroom remodeling in Starkville, you must seek professionals who deeply understand materials, trends, and customization.

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