Finding a remodeling contractors will likely be at the top of any homeowner’s list, whether you want to remodel your home for personal enjoyment or to get a higher price when you sell it. Renovating your home can be expensive and time-consuming, so research before hiring a professional.

Local Remodeling Contractors Offer a Wide Range of Services

While the words “renovation” and “remodeling” are often used interchangeably, “remodeling” usually refers to structural changes in your home, such as building or tearing down walls. You might have the skills to handle smaller projects around the house, but there are certain services you should leave to the professionals.

Remodeling Your Kitchen or Bathroom

Remodeling the kitchen and bathroom is a popular choice for many homeowners. They are also very popular with buyers. It’s better to hire a remodeling crew to handle the job, as these rooms require intricate electrical and plumbing work.

Building a New Room or Floor

Most homeowners are happy with their existing space but want to expand it. A growing number of multigenerational families and people working or studying from home make building an extra room or floor necessary. A general contractor with a team of subcontractors can complete this project. It can take several weeks, or even months, depending on the size and design of the room.

Finishing the Basement

If the basement is finished to code, it can be used as an additional living area for the family or even an apartment that generates income. The basement does not have to be a dark, dank dungeon only used for laundry and storage.

Build an Accessory Dwelling Unit

ADUs are a great way to expand a house. For example, you can add an apartment above the garage or rent the guesthouse in your backyard to family members. This lengthy construction process, like a basement apartment renovation, must comply with local building codes. Otherwise, the homeowner could be in serious trouble.

You’re in luck: many home remodelers with experience can help you navigate the ADU permit process.

Exterior Remodel

Curb appeal goes beyond a neat lawn and garden. It is important to maintain your exterior, as it will make a great first impression and protect your interior. Roof replacements may seem expensive, but they can pay off at resale. Remodeling’s Cost vs. Value Report for 2021 shows that replacing asphalt shingles could return more than 60% of the cost at resale. Replacing your home’s lower third of the front-facing siding with a manufactured stone veneer can yield 92.1%. It’s better to leave exterior work to professionals without advanced DIY skills.

How to Find a Remodeling Contractor Near You

Ask family or friends who recently had remodeling work done to recommend a contractor. You can find the contractor’s name and contact info on a lawn sign if you’re interested in a house being renovated near you. You can also search online for contractor reviews from satisfied (or dissatisfied clients).

Get at least three quotes from different contractors before hiring.

When to Hire a Remodeling Contractor

When the scope of work is beyond your capabilities and toolbox, you should hire a contractor. It’s best to hire a contractor if you are not confident in knocking down walls.

Remember that most home renovations require one or more building permits. A remodeling contractor with experience will be better able to navigate the permit system so that all work can be completed safely and by local building codes.

DIY vs. Hiring a Remodeling Contractor

Home renovations are popular, but they will take longer than a professional. You could spend more hiring an expert to fix your mistakes than hiring them from the beginning.

What to Ask a Remodeling Contractor

Here are some questions you can ask any home improvement professional, regardless of the type of project.


Home remodeling can be an exciting yet complicated process involving many intricate tasks, such as building or tearing down walls, remodeling the kitchen or bathroom, building an extra room or floor, and finishing the basement. Hiring an experienced contractor, especially for those in Starkville, is highly recommended to ensure that all the remodeling tasks are done safely and up to local building codes.

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How do I decide which is the best remodeler for my project?

Gather at least three price estimates for your project. Then, ask for client references or photos of past work. If the price is right and you feel like the pro understands your vision, you’ve found the right home remodeler for your project.

How often does a contractor get paid?

It all depends on the amount of work being done. It’s typical for homeowners to pay a deposit before the work starts. Depending on the timeline, smaller payments might be due along the way. The final payment is usually remitted on project completion.

Do I need a contract to work with a contractor?

In short, yes. It’s only advised to go into any renovation project with a firm idea of the scope of the work, the projected timeline, and the due date for payment.

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