Embarking on a kitchen remodeling service signifies a step towards realizing your dream home. One crucial decision during this endeavor concerns the material you’ll choose for your countertops. Enter concrete countertops – a versatile choice that has garnered popularity for its combination of function and flair. 

This article offers an in-depth examination of the pros and cons of concrete countertops, arming you with all the information you need to unlock their true potential during your kitchen remodeling process. 

So, discover whether concrete is the right countertop candidate for your revamped kitchen space.

What Are Concrete Countertops?

Concrete countertops have become more popular recently, but the topic is still controversial. Concrete countertops can be versatile and create a unique appearance, but they are only for some. Concrete countertops are heavier than other materials. Concrete countertops are available precast on-site or as a poured product. They’re usually reinforced with fiber, rebar, and wire mesh.

Concrete Countertop Pros

Concrete Countertop Cons

Concrete Countertops Cost

Concrete countertops range from $65 to $100 per square foot. The price is for a basic design with straight edges, standard holes for taps and sinks, and no custom colors or finishes.

Concrete countertops cost between $100 to $135 per square foot, including decorative edges and shapes or integral aggregates. Including decorative shapes and edges or adding integral aggregates.

Concrete countertops are available for as little as $135 per sq. foot. The homeowner can select the thickness, color, cast technique, aggregate design, custom edges, and Inlays.

You can install concrete countertops yourself, but it takes some work. A medium-sized kitchen is likely to cost around $1,000.

Concrete Countertop Maintenance and Care

Like other stones, concrete countertops also require regular maintenance. Concrete countertops need to be sealed when installed and every year. Concrete countertops need to be waxed regularly. Spills must be cleaned up right once to avoid stains.

Concrete Countertop Design Ideas

Your imagination is the only limit to concrete countertop designs. Concrete countertops can be shaped in many different ways. Concrete countertops can often be found in kitchens with a farmhouse style. You can add features and color to concrete to give it a unique look. Pinterest has a list of all concrete options. Concrete countertops can include accessories such as drainboards and trivets.

Concrete Countertop Installation

It takes time to create a concrete countertop because it has to be cured for 28 days before you can install it in your home. Precision measurements and careful planning are required. Concrete weighs between 19 and 25 pounds a square foot. It takes work to install.

Professionals can install concrete countertops. The slabs can be poured on-site, or they can use preformed slabs. The concrete must then be sealed and waxed. Concrete countertops may need extra support to accommodate the weight.

Concrete Countertop Lifespan

Concrete counters may not last as long as other stone countertops, but if they are sealed and waxed annually, and any spills are cleaned quickly, they can last a lifetime.

Concrete counters can be cleaned using a neutral pH cleaner or one that removes hard water deposits and scum.

Concrete can be stained by acid, as when you slice lemons onto a counter. For concrete etching repair, polish the area and fill in any holes with grout. Then reseal the counter. You can remove the etching with a diamond pad of finer grit. If you are still waiting for the desired results with an 800-grit pad, try one that is 400-grit.


This in-depth examination of the pros and cons of concrete countertops helps you grasp their true potential for your kitchen remodeling. While they are versatile, unique, and can raise your property’s value, they are heavy, prone to staining and chipping, and may require more maintenance than other options. 

Furthermore, it would help if you considered their price, weight, and installation time. When considering all these factors, it’s crucial to remember the importance of hiring professional contractors for a complicated and demanding process.

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